Sunday, April 24, 2011

The history of peony

What you might not know about this beautiful flower is that it was used as medicine around two thousand years ago.

The bark of tree peonies, was used to cool blood as well as have antibacterial properties. Chi Shao Yao is made from the root of the herbaceous peony P. lactiflora and is also said to cool the blood and relieve pain. Bai Shao Yao is made from the same roots but with the bark removed and is said to nourish the blood.

Peony seeds have been swallowed whole to prevent bad dreams or used in a poultice to relieve stomach aches.

Flower petals have been dried and used to make a tea that was reputed to soothe a cough. They were considered a panacea. In the middle ages there where not many ailments that peonies were not thought to soothe!

Besides this the beauty of the peony flower has long inspired artists in both the eastern and western parts of the world.

Anyway, what I really mean is :

It is my most favourite flower in the world that makes my heart smile and the world so beautiful. It is far beyond the inspiration and the medicine that cures my crooked soul.


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