Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Un'Bear'able Lightness of Being in Berlin

Finally the first step of what I've been dreading for weeks is now done. Well, partly.

The invitation to my second exhibition ever is now ready to present (but right this moment I'm still changing up this and that and don't seem to want to part with it. Argggg!!)

I'm going to have to kick myself and make it send the invite to the printing people NOW!  Umm tonight. Promise!

Allerdings (German for "anyway" - sounds cute, doesn't it?) I have to get back to finish all the work  now. So, dear readers, I'd like to virtually invite you to the exhibition. In case you happen to be in town. I'd be ├╝ber happy to see you.

*About Cafe Rix it's a wonderful, old school cafe, restaurant, gallery (all in one - how greedy, huh :) situated in "Saalbau" a historic building built back in 1876. Check out the "history" part of this website.


  1. Hey June,
    I saw your drawings in Cafe RIX last week and today I finally found out who they were made by! Beautiful work! I really love them!
    Many greetings from Slovakia :-)


  2. Hello Ivana,

    Thank you so much! I'm very happy to hear that someone like them :)

    Greetings back from Berlin!


  3. Congrats June, always adore your delightful illustrations!

  4. Thanks, Sunny. Sorry for the late reply. I'm bad with keeping up with the blog :(